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 Who is The Wizard ... Jimmy Lloyd, CMT

August 2016

Who am I?  This section has been revised to let you know a little more about Jimmy, maybe even more than you wanted to know. Yes, Jimmy is my legal name, my mother did not like James, and I was named after my fathers older brother that had died, while saving others.  I am just an ordinary guy, certainly not a young twink or muscle god, charging you to look at them.  I was born an raised in the "OC", Orange County, CA.  I learned how to water ski in the back bay of Newport Beach.  I worked as a ride operator at Disneyland while in college.  I didn't travel much.   I use to say that I had been as far East as Phoenix ... I attended ASU, I was even a Frat Brat and dated Sorority Girls.   Hey, I was cute, I just didn't realize it.   After I graduated High School, at 17,  I joined the Navy.  I spent my entire enlistment (age 17 - 21)  in  San Diego County.  I was never stationed aboard a ship.  Instead I was stationed at Camp Pendleton, so I spent most of my Navy enlistment on a Marine Base. Yes, I am Gay. 
Growing up where and when I did,  I didn't even know what GAY was.  Then you were just Queer and Queers acted like girls.  I didn't act like a girl and I didn't like guys because they acted like girls, I liked guys because they were guys. I was very confused and shy, so I came out late. Although I realized VERY early that I enjoyed looking at the boys at the beach instead of the girls.  My first experience with boys was when I was 8 yrs old ... but, so was they.  I have never had sex with a girl.   Growing up today I would probably have been doing pron at 18 rather than joining the Navy.

My first real experience was not until I was 18, with a 23 yr old Marine.  He approached me at the local beach near the base.  I would have been too shy.  That's always been the case.  I have never been the one to make the first move.  It's funny, when my clients read this, they laugh and tell me ..." your not the least bet shy" ... My reply is that they made the first move, they came to me ... (and I have been well trained to take care of them) ... I didn't try to pick them up in a bar.
Four months after I finally came out I met my first partner at a wine tasting party in WeHo, at he Manse, a former home of  actor Errol Flynn.  He had just moved from the East Coast to OC.   He came home with me that Friday night and stayed until he passed away, 14 years later, of a congenital heart problem.   Later I realized we never even actually dated ... When he left Mon. for  work, after spending that  first weekend together, he just kissed me and told me that he would be home about 6pm.  He would fix dinner.  He had to teach me how to boil pasta.  (my straight brother knows how to bake a cake ... I don't).  A few months later we bought a home together. For appearance sake, we needed two bedrooms, since we were only "roommates", as far as our parents were concerned.  We still only used one bedroom.  His nickname for me was ... Snoopy

I learned that you can loose out on a lot of what life has to offer, by only dating "your types".  I usually prefer short guys more my height, I am only 5'6", but my first partner was 6'3".  I became a well trained "Boy Toy".  My second partner was 5'10".   I guess my type would really just be, a guy that knows what he wants and knows how to get it and isn't shy about it. 
It was basically the same with my second partner.  I  met him about 3 years after my first partner had passed, when he booked a private massage for his 36th birthday.  After spending that day together he asked me to spend the night.  He died from an accident on his 41st birthday.  We had just moved into our new dream home on a golf course.  With two partners that were both originally from the East Coast (and both were 36 when I met them),  I did eventually get to the East Coast and I got to see more of the country.  
After completing an 11 month long Massage Certification course from Dr. Myk Hungerford at AIMT / SMTI in Costa Mesa,  I moved to Palm Springs in 1994 to start work at one of the major resort spas.  I have lived here every since.  I attended my first Body Electric weekend in 1995 and have been to Wildwood twice.  I originally started to do private work to supplement my off hours from the resort, but now, have since given up the "factory work" to devote my time to private practice and men only.  I enjoy my work.  I am told I am very good...  for such a naughty boy.  One of my straight clients once declared ..."I hate you... for making me enjoy this so much..."  Yes, I am gay, but, most of my clients are straight.  I luv my work.
Will you hate me?   HUGS ...  Jimmy Lloyd, CMT
Just a little more info ... I don't golf, or play tennis and I am not suppose to be out in the sun ... so I just figured Palm Springs would be a great place to live.   It is a great place to just be me.  

Since I started this website, several years ago, I have tried to keep it interesting and up to date.   It was like it was becoming a blog.   I have tried to edit some of the updates as they are no longer current.  I started off  with very short hair ... that continued to grow ... shoulder length curls at one point,   Then I had it styled and then I came down with cancer in 2014 and lost most of the hair and weight.  Well, I survived that battle and changed my hair style again ( it's always changing} and even started growing a beard, which I have shaved off a couple of times.  Now, I kind of like it.  In March of 2017 I had a terrible fall and sliced open the side of my face. OUCH!  (you can see all the gory pictures from the ER thru weekly updates of the healing process ... on my Facebook page ... search Jimmy Lloyd, Palm Springs).  Due to fall I have started to let the hair get longer as a "cover up" and to change focus to the hair and not the scars ... It's called vanity.

As the saying goes ... If  life gives you lemons ... make lemonade!   At least I always keep my sense of humor ...

Always enjoy the XPERIENCE ...

My before and after treatment for cancer,  Treatment Started in September finished in November.


                       August 2014                                                                       December 2014

                      February 2015                                                                       March 2015

                             May 2015 - No more long hair ... Now trying the goatee look ,,,

My massage work is NOT about being Gay or Straight or Top or bottom ... or even just massage ... It is intended to be an XPERIENCE between two men.  
You ALLOWING yourself to SURRENDER, to RELAX & RECEIVE ... the THERAPY Of TOUCH ... Something every man NEEDS and DESERVES. 
Each session is adapted to YOUR personal comfort level and needs.
Available any day or time by advance appointment ... Usually available with at least an hours notice.

To Make an appointment

PLEASE PHONE ...          760-864-9993 ...
Jimmy Lloyd, CMT

                     My longest hair length ...                          

                     The WIZARDS Warm HUGS await you ... and the MAGIC of his hands ... 

.                 A very RELAXING massage table (topped with an extra 6" of memory foam) 

                       Photos in my Massage Studio are by photographer ... Jeff Palmer

    You will REVEL in the SENSUAL SENSATIONS as the HOT OIL caresses your NAKED body.

                     Don't worry if you get an erection ... It's my goal to make sure you do ...
            It's all about the THERAPY Of TOUCH ... You know your curious ... It's only natural

I am just an ordinary guy, certainly not a young twink or muscle god, charging you to look at them

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