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About  The Wizard ... Jimmy Lloyd, CMT
         Just What You Have Been Searching For ... 

            A very RELAXING massage table in a PRIVATE and COMFORTING environment


Judy many be long gone, but, Palm Springs still has the ... WIZARD Of AHHHHHHS ... My name is Jimmy Lloyd.  I have worked as a Certified Massage Therapist in Palm Springs since 1994.  Most of my professional life I worked for the major Resort-Spas.   I now prefer to do only limited private M4M Massage ... My work can be clinical / spa type, Swedish, therapeutic sports or typically a combination of all ... with a sensual / erotic touch to the extent of your comfort level.
I enjoy the FREEDOM and option to work NUDE, as it is more NATURAL, since there is usually lots of BODY / BODY contact and mutual touching is certainly enjoyed  (but, not expected) ... Some first timers have told me it helps make them less self conscience of their own nudity. This is NOT a "Quickie ... Rub & a Tug" type of massage that many of my clients tell me that they have received by others in the past ... It is also meant to be more than just another nude gay massage, more of an  XROTIC XPERIENCE  that will keep you on the EDGE throughout the massage ... 
ALWAYS A REAL MASSAGE ... I have combined my more than 1000 CERTIFIED HOURS of Massage Training in soothing, stress-reducing, Swedish and Therapeutic Sports Massage from AIMT / SMTI with my more than 20 years experience in BODY ELECTRIC Taoist  Erotic / Tantric and Gay Sensual / Erotic Massage and the MAGIC of my hands and HOT OIL (Earthlite Natural - A 5 blend, unscented, water dispersible massage oil) to create an experience, more than just massage ...
                          An XCEPTIONALLY Unique XROTIC Massage XPERIENCE
A Unique massage that blends all techniques into one Xceptionally Xrotic Xperience, that starts with the first touch and continues unending until the climax of the massage.

While my hands work their MAGIC, I allow the HOT OIL to flow freely, as it  feels AWESOME, and you will revel in SENSUAL sensations as it CARESSES your NAKED body and releases your TENSION ...  It will also REHYDRATE your skin.  A refreshing shower is offered before you return to the REAL world. 

REMEMBER THE MASSAGE IS ALL ABOUT YOU ... Although I am GAY ... most of my clients are STRAIGHT ... If at any time you are uncomfortable with any thing that I am doing just let me know.  It is all about ALLOWING  yourself  to receive ... the THERAPY of TOUCH ... Something every man needs and ... DESERVES.  You know your CURIOUS 

I believe the best way for two people to connect is through the touching of two bodies. One of the first things I enjoy doing is greeting all my men with a HUG.  This may be just the first of many new experiences for some, so each session is adapted to YOUR  personal comfort level and needs. If ever there would ever  be a "right time" to ask for something ... this would be it.  This is YOUR EXPERIENCE ... get the most out of it.   

I work on a very RELAXING massage table (topped with an extra 6" of memory foam) in a PRIVATE and COMFORTING environment in central Palm Springs ... If you enjoy the sensation of being touched ... you will find that there are very few places that  go untouched. Discretion is always assured.  While I am trained to find your troubled areas, I am also very good at finding your erogenous zones also.
CONVENIENT to most major resorts and less than 2 miles from the Airport, Warm Sands area or Palm Canyon Drive... and less than a mile from the Casino or Convention Center ...
Budget too tight for the Spas ... the last Resort/Spa that I worked for charged $95.00 for 30 minutes. Tired of being told "... your time is up" ...  before you were totally relaxed?
No RUSH, No WORRIES ... No menu of prices and extra charges (tips are cool) ... My work averages more than 1.5 hours and ... I DON'T WATCH THE CLOCK ... The in Studio rate is still only $100.00 ... 
Available any day or time by ADVANCE appointment ... Most clients can be seen within the hour, schedule permitting. 

         THE BEST WAY TO REACH ME and the FASTEST is by PHONE ... 760-864-9993
                                     PLEASE NO ENDLESS TEXTS OR E-MAILS ...

You may text me or email me ( I will eventually read it), but, due to the nature of my work I will not confirm any appointment until I have first spoken with you.  Save time, just call, phones can still be used for having conversations.

                                       Much more SATISFYING than ... a Spa Massage
                           EVERYONE deserves a HUG ... and I luv to CUDDLE and KISS ...


June 2015.  I added the Earthlite banner to my website to give credit where credit is due.   I am still a big fan.  I am still using the same Earthlite Spirit Portable Massage Table that I purchased at the beginning of  massage school in 1993.  I carried it every Saturday to 5K - 10K races and marathons and biking events all over southern California for practical experience in sports massage with the rest of the students at the massage school and also used it in class during the 11 month long course at the ... America Institute of  Massage Therapy / Sports Massage Training Institute  (AIMT/SMTI) ... in Costa Mesa, CA   When Dr. Myk Hungerford still trained students at the school she founded in 1983. (After her death the school was sold in 2003 and moved to Santa Ana.)  As President of the International Sports Massage Federation, Dr. Hungerfor was instrumental in gaining acceptance of Sports Massage for Olympic athletes beginning with the 1984 LA Games.

At the Spas women would ask me how I kept my hands so soft.  I usually replied ... "keep them in massage oil 8 hours a day."  Clients are always asking me what type of oil do I use ... Of course it is ...  Earthlite Natural Unscented Massage Oil.   It is a very lite oil that allows an even glide.  The right oil is almost as  important as the amount of training that a Massage Therapist has.  

Don't ever get a massage from someone that uses baby oil ... unless you have diaper rash or are going to be doing any naked wrestling ... It does work great for that ... and I  speak from experience ... It's also better than whipped cream.  In my "younger days" I wrestled several times at one of the local gay clubs in Palm Springs ... I found out the fun part was actually after the match ... going into the kitchen to shower naked with the porn star / stripper under the dish sprayer.  Not the best of facilities ... But, I digress ... Many spas and therapist use Biotone, it is thicker oil and gives more grip but not a smooth glide.   It can also cover up the therapist lack of training or experience.  


Massage Oil is NOT JUST OIL.  The blended oils in the premium .... Earthlite Unscented Natural Massage Oil ... that I use offers these special properties...

SWEET ALMOND OIL - One of  the most popular oils among massage therapists.  It is easily absorbed but, not so quickly that you need to keep reapplying it.  It also helps leave the skin soft and satiny.

SESAME OIL -  Prized in AYURVEDA,  the traditional medicine used in India, is a NATURAL ANTIVIRAL and ANTI-INFLAMMATORY.  It penetrates the skin quickly.

SAFFLOWER OIL - Helps MOISTURIZE and RESTORE the natural balance of skin.  Many years ago it was used for better blood CIRCULATION and muscle RELAXATION.

GRAPE SEED OIL - Has a silky texture without being greasy.  It is a powerful ANTIOXIDANT that helps PROTECT SKIN CELLS. 

AVOCADO OIL - Is a heavier oil that softens the skin, helps skin retain moisture and FIGHTS THE AGING PROCESS.

VITAMIN  E - Is a  powerful ANTI-AGING, FREE RADICAL FIGHTER (antioxidant).  It helps to SOOTHE, PROTECT and REGENERATE dry, irritated and sun damaged skin.  Aiding in New and Healthier skin.

My BODY ELECTRIC Experience ...

In 1995 I attended my first Body Electric two day workshop ...  Celebrating the Body Erotic ... led by Chester Mainard & Ken Oakley in San Diego.  That was about six months after my first partner passed away, due to a congenital heart problem.  About two weeks later I attended my first week long workshop at Wildwood ... led by Colin Brown, Chester Mainard and Don Clark, called ... Healing the Wounded Healer.  It was truly a life changing experience.  In the years that followed I again took the two day workshop  ... Celebrating the Body Erotic ... three more times and had the pleasure of  being led at my last session by Matthew Simmons.  Each session, though simular was unique, differing in energy, due to the size of each group and those in attendance ... and the content brought by each session leader.  Always a UNIQUE Experience. For a few years I attended bi annual one day sessions in Sierra Madre.  My last Body Electric workshop was a week long event held at Wildwood in August of 2001 ... Touching Heaven and Earth ... led by Ken Oakley, Chester Mainard and Ben Haggard ... It was unique in that most of the men in attendance were on the Wildwood Conservation Board.  About nine months later my second partner passed away from an accident, while visiting friends celebrating his 41st birthday.  I couldn't go, I had to work at the hotel.

                         For information on BODY ELECTRIC,  Please check out their website ...                                                                                   

NOTE:  Due to the intensity of each massage and the amount of time I like to devote to each man, I limit my appointments to 3 per day.   Advance notice is best to assure the time that best suits your schedule, but, most of my clients are same day appointments with at least an hours notice.  Due to my late hours I prefer morning appointments to be made at least a day in advance, but, even with at least a 90 minute notice, I can usually accommodate you.

            If you are wondering what I wear while I work ... Check out my "designer" attire below ...

                    Depending on the mood ... What the well dressed ... Undressed MAN wears ... 
                My Heavy Metal days are over ... no more nipple rings and Prince Albert ... 
                                                      Just my ... Gear Essentials ...
                                                      The Bolt ... my newest ring

                                                                      The Titian .04
                                When you have been a "good boy" and deserve the Best ...
  Hope you are enjoying your tour ... and getting the answers you need ... Please continue ... 
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